Dimmable LED Driver
Dimmable LED Driver
Our Dimmable LED driver has several optional dimming functions: Dali , Triac, Zigbee,  0-10v, PWM and Resistance ,
Designed for outdoor and indoor applications :PI67 and IP20
Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications
Three in one dimming function (0~10VDC or PWM signal or resistantce)
Built-in active PFC function 
  • DALI Dimming

    DALI Dimmable LED Driver
    Full Dimming range: 0-100%
    EMC and PFC (PF>0.95)
    CV and CC : 10W - 200W

  • Triac Dimming

    Strong compatibility
    flicker-free dimming
    Built-in active PFC function
    Output Power : 20W to 200W

  • 0-10V /10V PWM

    Three in one dimming function
    Built-in active PFC function
    IP67 and IP20 Design
    CV and CC : 20W - 200W

  • Zigbee & 0-10V

    Zigbee Dimmalbe Driver
    CV: 30W-50W, 12V-48V
    CC: 10W-45W,300mA–1400mA
    Built-in active PFC function